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Q.  How much does it cost to run the Foundation?  
A.  Our current annual running cost is approximately €3.000.000.

Q.  Where does the money come from? 
A.  i.   Donations and fundraising activities raise 70% [€1,878,000]                   
     ii.  Government contributes a fee for educational services rendered 25% [€972,000]
     iii. Tuition fees provide 5% [€150,000]

Q.  What do parents pay for their childrens' tuition?
A.   Parents pay a small fraction of actual cost, at ceiling rate of 10% of actual; some fees,
where parents are of constrained means, are partly or fully subsidised.   Actual cost of
tuition given by the Foundation is low in comparison to equivalent curricula elsewhere, 
an achievement attributed to careful cost management practice.

For further information please contact our Head of Finance Mr Mark Sultana on



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