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Inspire believes that the involvement of the parents and guardians is critical to the development and the achievement of potential of the beneficiaries of our services and programmes. In fact, our aims are to 'supplement' what the home, social, education and employment settings are providing on a 24hr cycle. Therefore we offer a range of programmes for parents and guardians, specific to the disability of their child. These programmes provide much deeper insight onto the issues your son or daughter may be facing and, more importantly, it is an opportunity to share your experiences with parents who have 'been there' and are ready to support you with invaluable advice.

Parents and guardians, as well as organisation and community leaders can access our Parents and Guardians Relations department. This team of experienced members of staff will be able to guide you through the range of services and programmes we offer, often at a time when confusion and distress are commonplace.

Parent Advocates - Educational Projects

We act as Parent Advocates thus help clarify existing laws, explain school procedures, explain and inform about strategies for working with teachers, and answer questions about everything from transportation to parental rights. Thus parents:

- Receive information about specific types of disabilities or special health care needs

- Learn about topics and best practices, such as therapies, interventions, planning for the future, legal issues, employment, inclusion and much more

- Get help with identifying services and support in their community, as well as agencies that might be of assistance

- Learn about the process of being part of Inspire

Social Project

We help our parents to:

- Be connected with another parent or self-advocate who can discuss specific topic or concerns

- Be matched with another parent or self-advocate to talk and share experiences, to help you feel less alone and more hopeful

- Get help finding a support group  for a specific disability type

- Organize social activities and having fun together to facilitate the interaction and teaming up of parents and the sharing of information

Personal Development Project

We help our parents:

- Take care of themselves

- To keep abreast of current affairs, especially those related to disability issues

- We guide them how to seek their rights and make use of resources available

- We ensure that our parents are empowered and guided in the techniques needed to facilitate their child

- We ensure that the parents participate in regular case conferences to review the progress of their child

- We ensure that the parents are given the documentation necessary that report about their child's progress

The In-take Process: what to expect

The moment you get in touch with us we will immediately set up a meeting with you.
During this initial meeting we will be gathering information and collecting the necessary documentation.
We will process the necessary paperwork to enable you to register your child.
We will also provide you with the information about the services we provide and explain the way forward, including the screening procedure.
We also take care to identify social needs and counsel and refer you to the right channels.

Programme Identification

Once the screening is organized, you will be contacted to attend at Inspire, where our professionals will screen your child and establish how best we can support you and your child.
We will also seek your commitment to help your child in the best possible way.

The Environment

We also take great care to make our building accessible and adapted to your needs:

- We have a family room within the Family Centre at Bulebel, where you and the rest of the family can wait in comfort while your child is receiving tuition

- The room offers the possibility of sharing a drink, watching a film and/or interacting with other parents

- The room is full of toys and books that can be used by the children whilst they wait

- There is also  a ‘home work’ room within the centre, should you wish to utilize your time and help your other children finish off their school work whilst you wait

We promote real parent leadership

Contact Person:
Ms Charlene Borg
Tel. 21673706/07




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