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The HR groupings are identified as follows:

a.  The Board of Trustees
b.   Professional Technical (permanent, employed) and Consultants
c.   Administrative Staff (permanent, employed)
d.   Parents, Siblings and other Relatives or Friends of enrolled students
e.   Volunteer Helpers
f.    Supporters and Benefactors  (individuals and corporate bodies)

The foundation payroll numbers some 150 persons.  The Foundation is expecting 
to enlarge its technical volunteer group. These, in any case, include a number
of volunteer facilitators and carers currently active within the Foundation. 

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is responsible for the Foundation.  Two trustees have
executive roles; one in financial matters, the other in the non-financial aspects.

Professional Staff
The complement includes Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists,
Speech and Language therapists, Facilitators, Carers, Tutors and Trainers. These
are qualified and experienced practitioners in their respective fields of discipline.

Administrative Staff
A full complement of administrative staff is employed in the HR, Accounts and
Fundraising departments; these, via section managers, answer to a CEO who, in
turn, is responsible to the Board of Trustees.
Parents, Siblings, other Relatives and Friends
Family and friends of students are important support elements in guidance and
tutoring of enrolled students.  Both technical and administrative staff members
interact with students' families as part and parcel of the methodologies used.
Volunteers and Helpers
This support group is called upon when extra workload occurs, such as on
occasions of fundraising events.


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