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Adult Training Programme have the main aim of
attaining self realisation through the fulfillment of
each individual’s aspirations and capabilities.

Employment training

Adult Training Programme's goals include:

1. Increasing self care skills and promoting the physical and emotional well being of the client
2. Developing  healthy relationships with significant others  in the person’s life
3. Through adequate assessments and monitoring of achievements, identifying not only potential difficulties but mainly the client’s strengths and potential
4. Demonstrating such competencies and abilities, enhancing personal and interpersonal skills and promoting further learning
5. respecting each individual’s needs and aspirations and relating to him/her as a dignified individual.

Entry Criteria:

Clients with diverse disabilities who;
1. Express interest in participating in programme services and accepts conditions of service provision.
2. Be over 16 years of age
3. Able to participate in programme activities according to specified staff: client ratio.
4. Meet the basic grooming and dress expectations of the programme.
5. Should there be a history of criminal offense or serious misdemeanor involvement of other professionals considered essential

Programmes Offered:

Aims at providing persons with disabilities
opportunities for integration into the community
and better quality of life through age appropriate physiological,
social, recreational, domestic and self care activites

An individualised programme focusing on five distinct modules namely
• Motor skills
• Self-care skills
• Life skills
• Domestic skills
• Leisure activities and crafts
is developed and reviewed as necessary.

Flats in the community are used to involve clients in a typical daily routine addressing aspects such as self-help and domestic skills and to promote clients’ awareness of safety practices while involved in the daily household tasks.
Social outings are organised to promote client participation within the community through active involvement in recreational and educational events and also to develop and maintain social relationships.

The gym, pool and other facilities within our premises are used to support the development of functional skills and to cater for individual needs in a secure environment.

Further to the above, such training aims at:
promotion of self-determination, equal access,
peer role modeling, personal growth and empowerment

1. Participation in community life and pursuing activities of own choosing, being as self sufficient as possible.
2. Knowing what choices are available, being able to make a choice and take responsibility for it.
3. Providing assistance in more disability awareness and learning how to live with a disability in order to gain greater control over one’s life.
4. Enhancement of everyday skills, including budgeting, meal preparation, transportation, education enrichment and self advocacy.
5. Development  and maintenance of social relationships.

The following modules are covered:
• Self-care skills
• Life skills
• Domestic skills
• Leisure activities
• Academic skills and Computer Training

Supports the social and professional inclusion of people who have difficulty accessing the labour market, through vocational training  in future oriented occupations
acting as a strategic partner for employers, families and other social actors
promoting quality of life at work
Clients start their training by following the Foundation Course.   The aim of this course is to enhance clients’ skills and increase their effectiveness at career exploration whilst assisting them in making realistic vocational choices .  The course covers the following modules:

• Self-awareness and relationships with others
• Self-care Skills Training
• Academic skills and  Computer Training
• Employability Skills
• Work Experience

Further to the Foundation Course, many of the trainees are offered the opportunity to further their training in a Vocational Training Centre area of their choice. Different organisations send work tasks to be done by trainees at the training centre as part of their training or offer trainees the opportunity to conduct work  at their company.
Support is a key element in the Employment Training Services offered by Inspire.  Support is given not only to the clients but also to the organizations. When a person manages to access the labour market, we provide the following services;

Employability Skills Training

During this phase which starts off when the individual client is placed in employment, the client is accompanied by a ‘job coach’ whose primary role is to coach the trainee ‘on-the-job’. The role of the job coach is to see that the client performs the work up to the standards expected by the employer. Once the client can cope independently, the job coach starts to minimise his/her presence, until the client functions independently.

This stage consists of periodical visits to the employee on their respective jobs. The aim is to support the client on their jobs, in order to anticipate any problems that might crop up.  Short re-fresher courses related to life skills and employability skills are offered from time to time, and the option is given to those clients wanting to keep attending evening sessions so as to keep enhancing their academic, and  social skills.

Providing supported employment under the supervision of a staff member,
at integrated worksites in the community or within sheltered employment
The Foundation currently follows numerous people placed in open employment. Within sheltered employment, a group of clients together with the on-going support of their Trainer perform work within different organisations. This offers the possibility of support being on-site. The Trainer supports and facilitates the group in daily tasks.
The Foundation also provides support in professional integration through the:
o Development of behaviours accepted at places of employment
o Development of work skills needed for maintaining successful competitive employment


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