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Do you want to help us build brighter futures for youngsters and young adults who have
learning disabilities?  Perhaps you would like to do more than just make a cash donation.
If you have time on your hands you might want to become a Volunteer Helper in some area
of activity of the Foundation.  No obligations are imposed on our volunteers, the involvement
itself more or less ensures personal commitment, however large or small it may be.

Call us on telephone 21890000 or e-mail

The Foundation always has more to do than can be expected from its permanent staff and
it is always very grateful to people who dedicate time, whether regularly or occasionally, to
helping out with extra workload that presents itself at particular periods during the year.  It
may be that you are interested to help with administration, or fundraising, or with support
promotion, or text writing, or PR co-ordination, or even public speaking, to identify a few of
the areas in which your hands-on effort could enhance the work of the Foundation, motivate
its students - and, of course, reward your own personal satisfaction.


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