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Inspire is a non-profit organisation that leads the way in providing therapeutic, education and leisure services to persons with disabilities in Malta and Gozo. 

We are committed to shift the model of support for persons with a disability from a paternalistic one to a human rights approach, in line with the UN Convention on rights of persons with a disability, which requires equal opportunities for all. We contribute to provide equal access of services to persons with disabilities and alleviate the pressure on public social services where possible, empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.

We aim to improve inclusion in schools and support children with the best professional expertise and innovative methods, to allow them to remain, where it is in their interest, in mainstream education and for lifelong learning.  

We aim to improve inclusion in employment and access to leisure and community services for people of different abilities, to suit their needs, liaising with all stakeholders interested in furthering their independence and inclusion, both locally and abroad. 

We work closely with parents and carers to ensure that a unified holistic approach supports their children, addressing all aspects of their life.....throughout their life.

The vast majority of our services are provided for free or are heavily subsidised through a mix of fundraising, social enterprise, public funding and the generosity of our corporate benefactors.  








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